I review the grammar, punctuation, and orthography – whether US or UK spelling. Beyond that, I check references, sources, the forms of proper names – and more.

If you wish, I also cut and reorganize your text.

I derive a great deal of pleasure editing book proposals, which gives me a chance to plunge into the texts and reaps excellent results.

My fine editing and copy-editing is for writers and editors who recognize and appreciate the painstaking effort that goes into creating excellent written English.


I recently returned to a freelance activity I began long ago in New York: indexing. My first publication was the landmark Women in American Architecture—A Historic and Contemporary Perspective edited by Susana Torre, for which I was also the editorial assistant. Less memorable art and architecture publications followed.

Then I totally forgot about indexing.

Now well-known indexer Pierke Bosschieter is mentoring me as I re-enter the profession—using software, not index cards!

Indexing requires different analytical skills that I enjoy sharpening.

I am a member of the Deutsches Netzwerk der Indexer, DNI.