About me

I studied cultural anthropology and sociology at SUNY Purchase, urban design and journalism at New York University, and non-European performance at the University of Paris VIII in Saint-Denis. I love to learn and often attend workshops and conferences. I am socially engaged and especially enjoy working on sociopolitical subjects – as well as all the arts.

Studying journalism and creative writing, freelancing for New York publishers and working as a certified EFL teacher honed my editing skills. My poetry, theatrical texts, articles and award-winning documentaries testify to the scope and quality of my writing.

My translating and interpreting expertise has been enhanced through living, studying and working in New York, Paris, Munich and Berlin. I’m familiar with many local varieties of English, and have also studied Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Romany, Romanian, Farsi and Russian.

I learned coaching through studying the performing arts and presenting my poetry and theatrical “solo performances” in North America, Europe and Africa. I coach researchers, businesspeople, parliamentarians, and laypeople in making presentations, speech production, and acting. Clients include the Heinrich Boell Foundation's Studienwerk and GreenCampus, Humboldt University in Berlin, Université de Paris VIII, Siemens, a politician and the Münchner Schauspielstudio.

Voice recording developed out of my performing and radio experience.

Appreciating language(s) makes me prefer subtitles to dubbing. Through filmmaking, I mastered the art of creating subtitles.

I learned many of these skills thorough my artistic activities, which I present at: nancyduplessis.com.

I regularly expand my knowledge and enhance my skills at CPD lectures and workshops for members of MET, Mediterranean Editors and Translators, SENSE (Society of English-language Professionals in the Netherlands), and AG-DOK (the German Documentary Association), as well as events offered by political-education and other foundations. Beyond that, I enjoy traveling, solo and sometimes with groups—to Albania, Poland, Iran, Kurdistan, Brazil, and many other places.